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 1pm - 11pm


We are excited to announce this years brands & themes for Made in Leeds Festival 2017! Some of Leeds legendary and home-grown brands take over the beautiful Thawite Mills, each bringing their own musical style & flavour to what has become the cities most loved festival. 

This year see’s the introduction of all-new arenas with FEDERATION hosting an open-air stage, INSOMNIA goes deep into the woods with a big-top beneath the trees, FIBRE take you on an enchanted trip to their secret garden and BACK TO BASICS curate an out of the ordinary open-air structure beside the canal. Another year of magical Made in Leeds moments await! 

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Set on a beautiful island in the canal just 2 miles from Leeds city centre, Thwaite Mills is one of the last examples in Britain of a powered water-mill. It's river-side location, extensive forestry and picturesque grounds make for a truly unique and stunning backdrop for this years Made in Leeds Festival. 

Your imagination will run WILD in our extraordinary new location - think secret gardens & forbidden forests as for the first time ever we take to the outdoors with open-air stages beneath the trees. Complete with our biggest ever sound & unbelievable production installations - with no restrictions.

This years stages will once again be curated by Leeds home-grown clubbing brands, both past & present, that have helped shape the city’s nightlife. Each one will be bringing their own unique style of music and entertainment offering something for all lovers of dance music.

All manner of mystical performers, visuals and scenery like nothing you have ever experienced are the main focus of this years gathering, this is the North’s must attend event of the summer 2017. 

So, if you think you’re ready, take the trip across the river, ahead you’ll see the historical Thwaite Mills, beyond the mill is mystery, beyond the mill is mystical, beyond the mill is Made in Leeds Festival. The magic happens just once a year, do not miss out.


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